Thursday, September 10, 2009

Environmental Concerns

Over the past few days, we have been researching environmental issues that affect several properties in the Montgomery area. This past Wednesday, our class met at the Biscuits stadium. Prior to our class meeting, we did some research on our own to try and discover the history of Riverwalk Stadium. Amy spoke with Dave Davis at ADEM. Mr. Davis was very helpful in getting us the information that we needed. We were able to find out the previous uses of the site before it became the baseball field, how those previous uses left behind potentially hazardous toxins and contamination, and the different approaches that can be taken to mitigate and damage. Mr. Davis was also able to put us in touch with someone that works in the UST(Underground Storage Tanks Program) in order to help answer some of our questions about the Sinclairs site.

As most local residents know, Sinclairs restaurant in Old Cloverdale has not always been a restaurant. Before it became a restaurant, it was actually a gas station that was part of the Sinclairs Oil Corporation and Sinclairs Gas station chain. After speaking with the lady at the UST, we were able to get some valuable information about potential contamination at this site, and we were able to come up with different ways that our client might want to do from here. We should be finishing up our research in the next couple of days, and will present this information to the class on Monday.

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