Monday, September 14, 2009

USTs and Old Cloverdale Fishing Pond

After further contacting people with ADEM, it's been discovered that the parcel of land containing the underground storage tanks may be less of a concern as previously thought. Because the tanks that are currently still on the property were inactive before the laws were in place, nothing legally has to be done to the property. However, we are also aware of the possibility of other groups (banks giving loans, etc.) requiring tests to determine if contamination does exist from the UST. If contamination is significant enough, it may lead to other very costly alternatives and mandatory clean up of the existing situation.

Additionally, our group also looked into constructing a fishing pond in the Old Cloverdale area. This gives rise to more environmental concerns and possible issues over habitats of animals. We found that building a pond, even a small pond, could be very costly, and a long process of applying for permits on both the Federal (through the Corps of Engineers) and the State (through ADEM and NPDES) governments.

Next we plan on looking into the legal aspects of actually purchasing this land and getting prepared to make an offer.

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