Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Being Thorough

It is very important to be thorough when researching every legal issue. If you simply do some preliminary research, without continuing any further, you may find a loop hole that you never expected. Before any oral argument, any attorney would be foolish to not also research the opposing counsel's arguments. The same is true in the practical side of law. At first glance, one would assume that you should just comply with the historical district's rules for the property at Old Cloverdale. However, buried further down in the statutes, you would realize that the ARB, expressly, has no legal power over our client's property. Therefore, you would be doing so much more work that would be effectively pointless, and could put your client through a lot of expense and waste a lot of time. Originally, our group believed that you should just go ahead and comply to look better to the neighborhood, but in light of the negative factors, I believe we have changed our mind. Still, for certain decisions, we may still ask for advice from the board in making other decisions.

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