Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Possible Legal Issues in the Alley

This week we visited the Alley in downtown Montgomery. It is a nifty, revitalized area that has a lot to offer. However, this area is not without it's legal problems. For instance, our group discussed some legal issues that may affect a new restaurant that might move in.

1) What issues will there be if the lofts become housing? Not a lot of outside access, so will this lead to trespass issues?
2) Will we have the same trash issues? The corner building in no way faces the public roadway, so will it cost us like Dreamland?
3) If the children's museum goes in, will this effect the hours of operation, or alcohol policies? Could we be liable for nuisance?
4) If we too put tables outside, who is liable for personal injuries if it happens outside?
5) Suppose someone drinks a little at each restaurant or bar, what dram shop issues will come up if all the alcohol doesn't come up in the same place?

Certainly this is not going to be an exhaustive list of everything a potential owner will have deal with when starting a restaurant there, but it is helpful to get an idea of things your client may deal with in the future.

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