Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Not so Simple Tasks

Isn't it uncanny how even the simplest process can turn into a very complicated procedure. This week our group discovered just how complicated demolishing a building would be. It seems that knocking down a building would be easy; however, the agencies mandate that you must deal with at least four different agencies in order to accomplish this task. If the building (even if old and useless) is located in an historical district, the process gets even more complicated. Then, you must not only go through the same basic process, but also receive approval from the Architectural Review Board, and recommendations from the local historic districts. Naturally, no board would want you to simply knock down a building and leave an empty, barren lot. Therefore, before a building may even be flattened, complex and thorough plans for a new building (that also must be cleared by the ARB) must be presented.

Relocating a building is even more complicated. One must get approval from nine different agencies in order to receive just the building permit. Many of these approvals are based on inspections from variance agencies. Finally, if travelling on any state or federal road, you must also work in connection with the State Highway Department to protect the safety of all those involved. Personally, I never expected that this assignment could possibly have been this complicated; but it just goes to show that it is best to be knowledgeable about the task you are about to undertake before you get into it.

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